D64pds v5

The Standard D64pds v5 instance is in the Dpdsv5 series with 64 vCPUs and 208.0 GiB of memory starting at $2.89 per hour on-demand or $0.29 per hour with spot machines.



On Demand


1 Yr Reserved

3 Yr Reserved


Family Sizes

Size vCPUs Memory (GiB)
d2pds-v5 2 8
d4pds-v5 4 16
d8pds-v5 8 32
d16pds-v5 16 64
d32pds-v5 32 128
d48pds-v5 48 192
d64pds-v5 64 208

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Instance Details

Compute Value
vCPUs 64
Memory (GiB) 208.0
Memory per vCPU (GiB) 3.25
CPU Architecture Arm64
Capacity Support False
VM Generations Supported V2
Low Priority True
vCPUs per Physical Core 1
VM Deployment Method IaaS
Networking Value
Accelerated Networking True
Storage Value
Local Temp Storage (GiB) 2400
Cached Disk Size with Host Caching (GiB) 1600
Cached/Temp Storage Throughput (IOPS) 300000
Cached/Temp Storage Read/Write Throughput (MBps) 4000
Uncached Disk Throughput (IOPS) 80000
Uncached Disk Read/Write Throughput (MBps) 1735
Premium I/O True
Ultra Disks Supported False
Encryption True
Memory Maintenance True
Azure Value
Instance Type d64pds-v5
Instance Name Standard D64pds v5
Name D64pds v5
Family dpdsv5
Confidential False
RDMA False