E8bds v5

The Standard E8bds v5 instance is in the Ebdsv5 series with 8 vCPUs and 64.0 GiB of memory starting at $0.67 per hour on-demand or $0.07 per hour with spot machines.



On Demand


1 Yr Reserved

3 Yr Reserved


Family Sizes

Size vCPUs Memory (GiB)
e2bds-v5 2 16
e4bds-v5 4 32
e8bds-v5 8 64
e16bds-v5 16 128
e32bds-v5 32 256
e48bds-v5 48 384
e64bds-v5 64 512
e96bds-v5 96 672
e112bds-v5 112 672

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Instance Details

Compute Value
vCPUs 8
Memory (GiB) 64.0
Memory per vCPU (GiB) 8.0
CPU Architecture x64
Capacity Support True
VM Generations Supported V1,V2
Low Priority True
vCPUs per Physical Core 2
VM Deployment Method IaaS
Networking Value
Accelerated Networking True
Storage Value
Local Temp Storage (GiB) 300
Cached Disk Size with Host Caching (GiB) 0
Cached/Temp Storage Throughput (IOPS) 37500
Cached/Temp Storage Read/Write Throughput (MBps) 485
Uncached Disk Throughput (IOPS) 22000
Uncached Disk Read/Write Throughput (MBps) 625
Premium I/O True
Ultra Disks Supported True
Encryption True
Memory Maintenance True
Azure Value
Instance Type e8bds-v5
Instance Name Standard E8bds v5
Name E8bds v5
Family ebdsv5
Confidential False
RDMA False