The ra3.4xlarge instance is in the ra3 family and has 12 vCPUs and 96 GiB of memory with a starting price of $3.26 per hour.



On Demand

1 Yr Reserved

3 Yr Reserved


Family Sizes

Size vCPUs Memory (GiB)
ra3.xlplus 4 32.0
ra3.16xlarge 48 384.0

Instance Details

Compute Value
CPUs 12
Memory (GiB) 96
Memory per vCPU (GiB) 8.0
Default Slices per Node 4
Node Range 2–32
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Storage Value
Storage 64TB RMS
I/O GiBps 2.00 GB/s
Max Storage per Node 128 TB
Max Storage Capcity 8192 TB
Amazon Value
Generation current
Instance Type ra3.4xlarge
Family RA3
Name Managed Storage Quadruple Extra Large