The t2.small.search instance is in the general purpose family and has 1 vCPUs and 2 GiB of memory with a starting price of $0.036 per hour.



On Demand

1 Yr Reserved

3 Yr Reserved


Family Sizes

Size vCPUs Memory (GiB)
t2.micro.search 1 1.0
t2.medium.search 2 4.0

Instance Details

Compute Value
CPUs 1
Memory (GiB) 2
Memory per vCPU (GiB) 2.0
Networking Value
Maximum HTTP Request Size 10 MiB
Storage Value
Storage EBS Only
Minimum EBS Size 10 GiB
Maxiumum EBS Size for GP2 Volumes 35 GiB
Maxiumum EBS Size for GP3 Volumes N/A
Amazon Value
Generation current
Instance Type t2.small.search
Family General purpose
Name T2 General Purpose Small
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